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Blogging on Amtrak – Montana

Traveling east on Amtrak from Spokane to Kalamazoo we are rolling through the mountain country of western Montana. I took this picture just west of the small community of East Glacier at about 5,700 feet altitude.

Near East Glacier, Montana

Mountain near East Glacier, Montana

The train has three sleeper cars, five coach cars, cafe car, dining car, baggage car and diesel-electric engine with 8,000 horsepower. The big gripe from most of the passengers is a lack of AC outlets.

My biggest complaints are the continuous waft of one unpleasant odor that smells like soap and the constant sound of blowing air from the air conditioning. The conductors and attendants are friendly, helpful and attentive.

The people using Verizon have connection nearly all the time. My Sprint drops in and out but it provides more coverage than I expected.

Now we are entering the western plains of Montana with brown, low rolling hills. Temperature is in the upper 40s with low overcast.

Plains of western Montana

Rolling plains of western Montana

From time-to-time we stop at a siding to let freight trains roll past. Freight pays more the passengers and the freight trains are too long to fit on a siding.

The pictures are being taken with a Fuji FinePix S700 digital camera.

I upload the photos using a USB cable to my laptop and resize the images for the web from 200 to 300 pixels and output as a .JPG with compression set so file sizes are 30 to 50 KB.