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Add Twitter Widget to WordPress Blog

Displaying Twitter posts on a WordPress Blog is as easy as adding the Twitter widget to the WordPress blog.

Login to your WordPress blog and click on My Dashboard.

On the left hand panel of My Dashboard click the small triangle down arrow just to the right of “Appearance” to open the Appearance menu.

Find Widgets and open the Widget menu with a click.

Find the Twitter widget on the list of Widgets.

Click and HOLD and drag the Twitter Widget over the the side panel of your My Dashboard and drop the Twitter Widget in the location of the list of other Widgets that appear there. When you drag the Twitter Widget to the right you may not see anything in the right hand column. “Bump” the dragged Widget against the top of the window in order to push (scroll) higher in the window. Keep bumping until you arrive at the place to drop the widget.

Answer the questions that are asked by the window that appears after you release the Widget with your mouse.

See the previous blog for a video of finding and selecting widgets.

Blog Widgets

Becoming familiar with the names and purposes of various blog tools and using these tools effectively will result in blogs that attract and hold readers.

Widgets are the building blocks that bloggers use to build WordPress blogs.

Blog widgets are blog tools that are provided to perform specific programming functions. Widgets are a subset of software plug-ins.

A software plug-in is a computer program that performs a precise function and must be attached to (plugged into) a larger program in order to provide that function.

A widget is a plug-in that provides a specific function that can be selected and added by users of a program. In this case bloggers are the users of WordPress blogs. Bloggers select and add widgets to their blog programs.

When a blogger chooses to launch a WordPress blog they have a selection of 997 widgets.  Here is a link to the directory of WordPress widgets:

There is a widget for every function a blogger may need. Here is a list of often used widgets that can be placed on sidebars (sidebars are the columns of widgets that appear on the left, center, or right of the blog post area):

  • Categories
  • Calendar
  • Links
  • Search
  • Pages
  • Tag Cloud
  • Text
  • Video posts

If a function is desired that does not appear on the WordPress widget list, use Google and search the Internet. There is a high probability that a programmer has written the widget and may offer it free or for very little money.

Here is a WordPress video demonstrating how widgets are plugged into a WordPress blog:

Here is a link to a video that demonstrates how to use a widget to change the image of the banner of a blog:

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