Blogging on Amtrak – Photography, Engine of Perspective

When taking photographs it is important for the photographer to establish dimensional perspective of the subject.

Take a look at this model steam engine.

Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive

Oh, really?

The humans in the foreground of the photograph accentuates the enormity of the steam locomotive that sits on display at the train station in Havre, Montana.

Steam Locomotive 2584

Steam Locomotive 2584

Locomotive number 2584 was acquired in 1930 by the Great Northern Railroad from the Baldwin Locomotive Works for service on the Empire Builder Line running between Chicago and Seattle.

The president of Baldwin, Samuel Vauclain, claimed this was the most powerful steam locomotive built at the time. It was operated for passenger service up to 1947 then pulled freight until retired in 1955.

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One response to “Blogging on Amtrak – Photography, Engine of Perspective

  1. Hi John:

    These are some great posts. You combine personal experience on a journey with some details about how you are posting that possibly could help other bloggers when they travel. I like it. It’s a shame you didn’t have time to do more before you arrived at your destination.

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